Monday, 21 November 2011

Just the way it is!!!

Well just feel like singing and dancing on 'Ohh Lalaa Ohh lala ..Tu hai meri fantasy'..As usual  another cheap song adds to my list of Favourite Cheap Songs though nothing can still beat Choli ke peeche ;) ..Winters are already killing people in North and here I am waiting for winters to come.
All I want right now to be at my home , crawl inside a blanket and have homemade soup and mummy ke hath ka khana.. Missing home though my second home doesnt allow me to be sad..
I dont know y I shave this Pyaar For UP that whenever UP gets mentioned anywhere I feel so proud. Love the lines  from MBKD that 'UP aaye aur dhol na baje to kya khaak UP aaye' and living with these lines and dancing on the very tune of it.
Life has been fun with friends around and all the masti sessions we have.
It was just yesterday when we(Me,Ammu,Vaibhav and Smruti) were eating like crazy and janam janam ke bhukoo ki tarah and the ultimate card session we had.
Life has been a real sweetheart for the past couple pf months...

PS : forgive my typo and grammatical mistakes..

Sunday, 4 September 2011

F.R.I.E.N.D.S(Part 2)

I went to Richa and said ' Please yar we knw each other from before and if you could please shift in 106.'  I also said that whenever u get bore u are always welcome in our room . After much of pleases and promises Richa finally agreed but i never thought that she will take my last line so seriously.
So finally we got our fourth roomie Richa Gupta. Now when I saw  her I thought her to be very serious and strict. I thought Hey bhagwan! kaise jhelege issee..Never knew that we will become friends for life. :) :).
So life was going on smoothly and we were busy with classes and room gossips when one day baby(Ya we use to call Radhika as baby coz of her Jhonsons and Jhonsons Products and till date  we call her by that name only) said that ' There is this girl in my class Pallavi who is from Delhi and  will be coming to hostel today ' . We all said 'Hmmm Delhi ki ladki bach ke rehna padega'(Delhi girls are considered to be over smart and very arrogant).

So in the evening Pallavi came, sweet, innocent, adorable and not a Delhiite. We helped her set the room and  so we became of gang of 5 girls .. Me,Shruti,Baby,Richa and Lovi .(Lovi was name given to Pallavi.I dnt knw  
from where it came.).

My adorables From left(Lovi,Baby,Shruti and Richa)

After that Life was full of masti fun and gossips. Hostel is all about exploring a new life and yes it is 'A home away from Home.' Though four people use to live in a small room but soon that room became a home for us.
And yes the other thing u must have is courage and strength to bear the awful mess food and the horrible common bathrooms :( :( .

I still remember one day all 5 of us went for a bath ( In separate bathrooms of course) and we were shouting and talking from bathrooms when one of our senior came and scolded us so hard. And imagine we were discussing characters from Ramayan den.

Anyways living in hostel i became an expert in repairing coolers and our small heaters :) I got so many electric shocks that I dont even remember but if anyone had any problems they use to call me. :) :)

Thats how i got the 4 most important people in my life.. Love u all and miss u all a lot..

Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Here's what i always wanted to write about. The amazing four years of my college life with my pagal panti gang or my room mates.
It was August 2006 when i entered JSS Academy Of  Technical Education , Noida . For the only person i knew in that college was Shruti, my 5'10 tall  friend. We became friends during our JEE preparation coaching classes and both of us found each other to be extremely weird. But as we say that whenever u go to a new place u feel so good when u see someone you knew from before. So here's the story of what began to be a lifetime unforgettable story.

I entered  our hostel building with lots of hope and scary thoughts only to find out that I and Shruti cant share the same room and the more shocking news was that a single room to be shared by four people.God blessed us that time . The thought of being so away from home (Though my home was 7-8 hrs away but come on we were kids then huh!) was so painful and frankly telling I was excited , nervous , happy and sad all at the same time. I so remember my room was 106 and Shruti's was 102.In her room 3 people were there Radhika, Richa and Ipsha. So I entered my room only to find out an item(Yes she was an item coz she scared the shit out of me)Nimisha and another girl of some other species(Yes because she didnt say a word!) That girl Nimisha was just saying no only three people are to stay when i said  'Go ahead check out with the warden ' .
And yes how can I forget my warden Shri Kantha. Fat ,short, SouthIndian guy who only use to shout at top of his voice(More on him later.)

I ran to Shruti and was just telling her I cant live in this room when I saw Ipsha coming towards us and saying tha she wants to swap room with me. Hearing dis I and Shruti started jumping giving each other high five when suddenly she said 'Wait!! I need to think again '. Duh!!! I was like what the hell is wrong with her when probably we realized that we shouldn't been so happy infront of her.
That dumb girl thought that ' Ohh..mere aisa karne se to inka fayda ho raha hai ' and yes ultimately she refused :( :( ..

So another brilliant idea that came to Shruti's mind was that lets swap the room and we will tell this girl Richa that ya u got that 106 only .So i shifted my belongings to room 102 and the first day went by peacefully.
I met Radhika a sweet , adorable and little golmol type of girl.(After two years i got to know that she told Shruti not to swap room as I will hamper the studies me being notorious and awara type of girl.) See I have no clue how people got that image of me.
The next day after classes when I came back Shruti said ' Yar. Richa is here and wo bahut bawal kar rahi hai.tum sambhalo use.' I went to Richa and said.......

More of friends coming in my next blog.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Life is all about surprises isn't it??
I just remember my placement day in college and see now my sister Apoorvi got through her first placement drive..
Yesterday when she told me that she got selected i just sat down and started thinking smiling that wow life moves so fast.
What a day it was i remember the entire study days were all spent in talking and gossiping in my hostel room with my two buddies - Shruti and Smita.
and the rest of the time was spent with Vaibhav- love of my life.We hardly prepared a bit and just kept on saying 'Are ho jayega yar '.
Shopping was the only good thing that we did at that time just deciding hw we will look in our first formals.
What an excitement it was.
 3 days we spent just to choose the right outfit. Then came the day when Infosys showed up. Strangely enough  i remember the date it was 9th Dec 2009 and it was damn cold outside.Delhi weather u knw can be harsh sometimes!!!.
We had our written and were waiting for the results. I was just hoping that god please both me and Vaibhav should clear this.
The list came and it had just few names with my name also on it.
But your happiness seems to fade and disappear when u dont find your love's name with you.
Well i began to prepare for my interview each minute hoping that Vaibhav and some of my friend's name to come.
I was sitting in the room waiting for my turn when I saw Vaibhav standing near the door with a smile on his face and all i managed was to read his lips which softly said - 'Ho gaya written me'.
 I just ran out of the room hugged him(without realizing that there were 50 students around..Ahh who the hell cares..I was so happy afterall..:) :)..) .
Then began our set of interviews. When all of us finished with our interviews it was around 11 at night.
And as a foodie and bhukkad as my friends say i was getting so hungry and thankfully others too...
Then began our everlasting begging.. 'Please someone bring food..Bahut bhuk lagi hai yar..' . 
Finally some friends (friend kya Vaibhav and Khanna) went out to bring something for us..Best thing about Noida is that u get food anytime you want.
So we all sat there eating Chilli Paneer and Aloo Paratha facing the chilli wimter when the news came that results are to be declared.
And there we stand holding each others hand hoping to hear each other's name praying to god that please god dis time and next time we will work harder.
And alas the results were declared with me and friends making through and i was happy that after college  I and Vaibhav have some place to go together.. : ) :) 
And as all say today i am a proud Infoscion ...

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

My first!!!

Hi all..This is my First so i am a bit nervous and excited too writing my first blog.

Though there is nothing much to write. It was that 3 days back i was reading my friend's Amrita's amazing blog and i thought that evem i should go ahead.

After all life is all about sharing your thoughts. :) :)

Ya i will try to keep my blog updated with more thoughts

Its when you are so far from ur home that you realize the importance of people around you.

I miss my college gang , my adorable cousins and my family of course!!!
Thats for now
Bye bye.