Sunday, 4 September 2011

F.R.I.E.N.D.S(Part 2)

I went to Richa and said ' Please yar we knw each other from before and if you could please shift in 106.'  I also said that whenever u get bore u are always welcome in our room . After much of pleases and promises Richa finally agreed but i never thought that she will take my last line so seriously.
So finally we got our fourth roomie Richa Gupta. Now when I saw  her I thought her to be very serious and strict. I thought Hey bhagwan! kaise jhelege issee..Never knew that we will become friends for life. :) :).
So life was going on smoothly and we were busy with classes and room gossips when one day baby(Ya we use to call Radhika as baby coz of her Jhonsons and Jhonsons Products and till date  we call her by that name only) said that ' There is this girl in my class Pallavi who is from Delhi and  will be coming to hostel today ' . We all said 'Hmmm Delhi ki ladki bach ke rehna padega'(Delhi girls are considered to be over smart and very arrogant).

So in the evening Pallavi came, sweet, innocent, adorable and not a Delhiite. We helped her set the room and  so we became of gang of 5 girls .. Me,Shruti,Baby,Richa and Lovi .(Lovi was name given to Pallavi.I dnt knw  
from where it came.).

My adorables From left(Lovi,Baby,Shruti and Richa)

After that Life was full of masti fun and gossips. Hostel is all about exploring a new life and yes it is 'A home away from Home.' Though four people use to live in a small room but soon that room became a home for us.
And yes the other thing u must have is courage and strength to bear the awful mess food and the horrible common bathrooms :( :( .

I still remember one day all 5 of us went for a bath ( In separate bathrooms of course) and we were shouting and talking from bathrooms when one of our senior came and scolded us so hard. And imagine we were discussing characters from Ramayan den.

Anyways living in hostel i became an expert in repairing coolers and our small heaters :) I got so many electric shocks that I dont even remember but if anyone had any problems they use to call me. :) :)

Thats how i got the 4 most important people in my life.. Love u all and miss u all a lot..