Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Here's what i always wanted to write about. The amazing four years of my college life with my pagal panti gang or my room mates.
It was August 2006 when i entered JSS Academy Of  Technical Education , Noida . For the only person i knew in that college was Shruti, my 5'10 tall  friend. We became friends during our JEE preparation coaching classes and both of us found each other to be extremely weird. But as we say that whenever u go to a new place u feel so good when u see someone you knew from before. So here's the story of what began to be a lifetime unforgettable story.

I entered  our hostel building with lots of hope and scary thoughts only to find out that I and Shruti cant share the same room and the more shocking news was that a single room to be shared by four people.God blessed us that time . The thought of being so away from home (Though my home was 7-8 hrs away but come on we were kids then huh!) was so painful and frankly telling I was excited , nervous , happy and sad all at the same time. I so remember my room was 106 and Shruti's was 102.In her room 3 people were there Radhika, Richa and Ipsha. So I entered my room only to find out an item(Yes she was an item coz she scared the shit out of me)Nimisha and another girl of some other species(Yes because she didnt say a word!) That girl Nimisha was just saying no only three people are to stay when i said  'Go ahead check out with the warden ' .
And yes how can I forget my warden Shri Kantha. Fat ,short, SouthIndian guy who only use to shout at top of his voice(More on him later.)

I ran to Shruti and was just telling her I cant live in this room when I saw Ipsha coming towards us and saying tha she wants to swap room with me. Hearing dis I and Shruti started jumping giving each other high five when suddenly she said 'Wait!! I need to think again '. Duh!!! I was like what the hell is wrong with her when probably we realized that we shouldn't been so happy infront of her.
That dumb girl thought that ' Ohh..mere aisa karne se to inka fayda ho raha hai ' and yes ultimately she refused :( :( ..

So another brilliant idea that came to Shruti's mind was that lets swap the room and we will tell this girl Richa that ya u got that 106 only .So i shifted my belongings to room 102 and the first day went by peacefully.
I met Radhika a sweet , adorable and little golmol type of girl.(After two years i got to know that she told Shruti not to swap room as I will hamper the studies me being notorious and awara type of girl.) See I have no clue how people got that image of me.
The next day after classes when I came back Shruti said ' Yar. Richa is here and wo bahut bawal kar rahi hai.tum sambhalo use.' I went to Richa and said.......

More of friends coming in my next blog.


  1. post this one on fb.tere F.R.I.E.N.D.S ko acha lagega :)
    pata nahi yaar mujhe tu kabhi awara nahi lagi.. agar duniya me harfanmaula hona awaragardi hai to wahi sahi..

    and aise hi dil se likhna humesha :)

  2. ya babes i already post it on facebook..Abhi to bas shuru kiya hai...Kahani to abhi baaki hai mere dost..

  3. wat an into fr me aastha-shruti my 5'10'' tall frnd...:P..nywayz lob u...muah

  4. Shruti there's more to come babes..Tumhare bare me to bahut kuch likhna hai abhi...mere efforts ki daad to do...

  5. Aastha please dnt put too much of effort..I want my dear friend to Relax :) :)