Monday, 29 August 2011

Life is all about surprises isn't it??
I just remember my placement day in college and see now my sister Apoorvi got through her first placement drive..
Yesterday when she told me that she got selected i just sat down and started thinking smiling that wow life moves so fast.
What a day it was i remember the entire study days were all spent in talking and gossiping in my hostel room with my two buddies - Shruti and Smita.
and the rest of the time was spent with Vaibhav- love of my life.We hardly prepared a bit and just kept on saying 'Are ho jayega yar '.
Shopping was the only good thing that we did at that time just deciding hw we will look in our first formals.
What an excitement it was.
 3 days we spent just to choose the right outfit. Then came the day when Infosys showed up. Strangely enough  i remember the date it was 9th Dec 2009 and it was damn cold outside.Delhi weather u knw can be harsh sometimes!!!.
We had our written and were waiting for the results. I was just hoping that god please both me and Vaibhav should clear this.
The list came and it had just few names with my name also on it.
But your happiness seems to fade and disappear when u dont find your love's name with you.
Well i began to prepare for my interview each minute hoping that Vaibhav and some of my friend's name to come.
I was sitting in the room waiting for my turn when I saw Vaibhav standing near the door with a smile on his face and all i managed was to read his lips which softly said - 'Ho gaya written me'.
 I just ran out of the room hugged him(without realizing that there were 50 students around..Ahh who the hell cares..I was so happy afterall..:) :)..) .
Then began our set of interviews. When all of us finished with our interviews it was around 11 at night.
And as a foodie and bhukkad as my friends say i was getting so hungry and thankfully others too...
Then began our everlasting begging.. 'Please someone bring food..Bahut bhuk lagi hai yar..' . 
Finally some friends (friend kya Vaibhav and Khanna) went out to bring something for us..Best thing about Noida is that u get food anytime you want.
So we all sat there eating Chilli Paneer and Aloo Paratha facing the chilli wimter when the news came that results are to be declared.
And there we stand holding each others hand hoping to hear each other's name praying to god that please god dis time and next time we will work harder.
And alas the results were declared with me and friends making through and i was happy that after college  I and Vaibhav have some place to go together.. : ) :) 
And as all say today i am a proud Infoscion ...


  1. hmm Proud Infoscion :)
    aiwe hi likhte reh :)

  2. Hey swthrt thanks a lot for the encouragement.Yes i will write more.