Monday, 21 November 2011

Just the way it is!!!

Well just feel like singing and dancing on 'Ohh Lalaa Ohh lala ..Tu hai meri fantasy'..As usual  another cheap song adds to my list of Favourite Cheap Songs though nothing can still beat Choli ke peeche ;) ..Winters are already killing people in North and here I am waiting for winters to come.
All I want right now to be at my home , crawl inside a blanket and have homemade soup and mummy ke hath ka khana.. Missing home though my second home doesnt allow me to be sad..
I dont know y I shave this Pyaar For UP that whenever UP gets mentioned anywhere I feel so proud. Love the lines  from MBKD that 'UP aaye aur dhol na baje to kya khaak UP aaye' and living with these lines and dancing on the very tune of it.
Life has been fun with friends around and all the masti sessions we have.
It was just yesterday when we(Me,Ammu,Vaibhav and Smruti) were eating like crazy and janam janam ke bhukoo ki tarah and the ultimate card session we had.
Life has been a real sweetheart for the past couple pf months...

PS : forgive my typo and grammatical mistakes..

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  1. Loved it :D

    I did not spot any grammatical mistakes or typos :D