Tuesday, 16 August 2011

My first!!!

Hi all..This is my First so i am a bit nervous and excited too writing my first blog.

Though there is nothing much to write. It was that 3 days back i was reading my friend's Amrita's amazing blog and i thought that evem i should go ahead.

After all life is all about sharing your thoughts. :) :)

Ya i will try to keep my blog updated with more thoughts

Its when you are so far from ur home that you realize the importance of people around you.

I miss my college gang , my adorable cousins and my family of course!!!
Thats for now
Bye bye.


  1. yo!
    jeetii raho :) and humesha khush raho :)

  2. Dear Astha

    Try to write on the blogs, so that you can some extent forget about your past. Its a nice starting with nervousness.